The Lifeblood of Your Business


Marketing is the lifeblood of your real estate business. Marketing done right is always your quickest path to “the sale”.

But are you target marketing the best prospects for your business?

Somebody buying his or her first home vs. somebody buying a move-up home is a different target market.

Somebody buying a luxury home is a different target market. Somebody moving in from out of town is a different target market.

When you really start thinking about your business and you start looking at who are all of the different people that you could serve, who are all the different possibilities?

When you start identifying them, some are going to jump out as potentially the most profitable niche in your market.

Often, if people are just serving everybody they possibly can, they may find that the top 10% or 20% of the people they’re working with are providing 80% of the profit, and the other 80% are providing all of the headaches and none of the profit.

Knowing your most profitable, easiest target audience gives you a complete freedom to focus all of your efforts on a “let’s just get more of the most profitable customers” approach to marketing.

Just a couple of thoughts – hope they help!

May your next deal be double-ended.

Happy selling,