Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

How is your online visibility and reputation these days? Have you checked? Do you know?

According to the latest Swanepoel Real Estate Trends & Technology report, 21% of consumers choose their real estate agent based on their reputation.

But what good is it to increase your visibility in search engines, etc in order to get more seller and buyer leads, if you have negative comments posted about you? Reviews like these can often taint a prospective customer’s perspective of your business before you even get a chance to build a relationship with them and get their listing, etc. Sometimes these postings are out of context or even completely false.

On the other hand, why spend lots of money and time to gain greater visibility online if you have no comments or reviews about your business at all? Prospects will then have no way of differentiating you and what you can deliver from your competition.

Many agents are starting to realize that their online reputation is their first and most important concern. At least 21% of consumers (and growing) seem to agree.

Invest today in some of the tools, training and services that will help you build and maintain a strong and commanding online presence and reputation.

Just a couple of thoughts – hope they help!

May your next deal be double-ended.

Happy selling,