Relationships = Leads


Do you ever have difficulty staying consistent with generating new leads on an ongoing basis for your business?

Well, stop trying to sell to people you don’t know! Go ahead, read that again. Yes, that’s right – you need to be selling to people who know, like and trust you. To people with whom you have a relationship. People sell and buy with people they know, like and trust – that’s where they are most happy and comfortable. Who wants to deal with a stranger? Who “marries” someone after one date?

Here are some ways you can grow and enhance relationships in your market –

•    Constantly give away things of value without expectation of compensation.
•    Arrange a discount or deal for your neighbors with a local merchant.
•    Dare to be different – it’s an attention grabber.
•    Organize and headline a neighborhood event.
•    Stay in front of your prospective clients – make social media work for you.
•    Don’t forget to continually add testimonials to your marketing.

When you focus on growing and enhancing relationships in your market you’ll get more leads, closings and referrals. Invest in relationships today; bank more commission tomorrow.

Just a couple of thoughts – hope they help!

May your next deal be double-ended.

Happy selling,