Making Your Marketing Dollars Smarter

You can’t really stop spending money each year on marketing yourself and your business, but you can spend it more wisely.

It’s always a good time to be generating those seller and buyer leads – you know, the lifeblood of your real estate business. But how do you know which of your ads are actually working? Which marketing efforts are really making your phone ring? What’s your return on investment for the hard earned dollars you put into building your own brand? Tired of ad reps telling you that, “…. you just have to get your name out there….”?

Perhaps the answer lies in Call Tracking.

For years, large companies have used sophisticated technology to track and analyze data for inbound calls and lead source income, etc. Today, there are tools designed to help local business professionals like real estate agents. Many of these solutions are not only affordable, but also give great reporting.

Here is a simple plan. Stop throwing good money after bad. Find out what actually works and do more of it. Find out what is not working so well and stop doing it. Know where your business is coming from. See what is making your phone ring.

Resolve now to track which marketing, ads and lead sources are bringing you the most income with the best return on your investment. Your wallet will thank you.

Just a couple of thoughts – hope they help!

May your next deal be double-ended.

Happy selling,