Cash Flow: Managing Your Way To Success


Many an agent considers Gary Keller’s book The Millionaire Real Estate Agent to be the holy grail for Realtors. It’s crammed full of great ideas and provides an invaluable structure around which to plan your business success.

One element of his program that I would give more emphasis to is timing. Without good timing it may prove very difficult to achieve the level of success that you deserve.

Why is timing important? The importance of timing is illustrated by considering the difference between sales and cash flow – they aren’t the same. In real estate this month’s sales result in a Realtor getting paid after closing – 60, 90 or more days in the future. Your ability to manage this timing difference or bridge the cash flow gap will truly help you grow your business.

You can start online where there are numerous, free, self-help guides that provide excellent options for cash flow budgeting. Also, talk to your local bank branch or credit union. They have a number of useful booklets that will assist you complete each line of your budget. You will learn a lot about yourself and your business as you plan your way to success.

Just a couple of thoughts – hope they help!

May your next deal be double-ended.

Happy selling,