“Timing” – good timing is so important in life.

We all instinctively know about it and should strive to master the art of good timing.

In golf, good timing or tempo is essential to a good swing and a good score. In the stock market, being able to time shifts in the market is key in determining your ability to maximize the return on your investment dollars. Similarly, you had better get the timing right if you have to tell your significant other about booking your next road trip with the gang – without discussing it first.

It’s the same in real estate. Good timing will probably tell you when it is best to spend most of your marketing dollars. For instance, when the market is hot rather than when it is not (such as in the spring). It just makes good common sense.

So when you are reading all those excellent publications about how to sell more real estate please remember – layer over the top of those insights the necessity of timing all of your efforts appropriately.


Jim Trainor CA, CPA