Staying Pumped – What’s Your Formula?

Professional boxer Dewey Bozella won his first fight in 2010. By itself, not a particularly noteworthy announcement. What is noteworthy is in knowing that at that moment, Mr. Bozella was 52 years old and had just been released from prison after 26 years incarceration for a murder he did not commit! His story is incredible!

One of the most fascinating parts of Dewey’s story is how he stayed motivated and how he kept his sanity (don’t forget, he was proven innocent after being in prison half of his life!). Here’s what Dewey shared: ”I focused on two things… self-improvement (education: he earned 2 degrees in prison) and staying healthy” (boxing was his vehicle). It is hard to imagine how Dewey Bozella actually stayed motivated all that time…but he did. His formula was education and boxing.

Everybody needs their own formula for staying motivated. In her excellent book “Get Motivated“, Tamara Lowe suggests that everyone is motivated differently. The key is to understand your own “personal formula for motivation”. As Jim Rohn said, “When the WHY is strong, the HOW becomes easy“. One of my Coaching clients recently shared her plan. It looks like this:

 1. Bombard myself daily with inspirational material (books, CDs, positive people, etc.)

 2. “Staying present” with where I’m going… what is my Big Picture?

 3. Lead generate daily so I’m always adding new “possibilities” to my life

 4. Have a Reward System in place to prevent Burnout (“I always plan my next trip well in advance and I use a Dream Board as a visual reminder”)

 You don’t need to spend 26 years in prison to figure this out. The above formula is just one example, the key is to develop your Personal Motivation Formula and stick to it every day.

 Some people don’t try… they just say “I don’t know what I want“. One thing you can count on in your journey is that human beings are “meaning seeking creatures”.

 Keep investigating your “meaning” and you will find the answer. Next, keep your answer in front of you at all times and you will stay motivated. Your formula will make you unstoppable! 

 NO Excuses.

Bruce Keith



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