Personalize, Personalize, Personalize!

The above title is a chapter in a great book that should be a “must read” for everyone in real estate – and it’s not even about real estate. It’s about the keys to success and it’s called – Secrets of Great Rainmakers by Jeffrey J. Fox.

Rainmakers in real estate are the big producers and they earn the big real estate commissions.

One key to their success is that they “personalize” themselves. They become their own brand. They stay top-of-mind with their existing clients and prospects –

* they have their photo on everything

* they personally sign birthday cards, notes, etc

* they start by announcing their name on their voice mail, etc

* in short, they attach their name to everything

In this era of high-tech, the personal touch is still most compelling – personalize yourself!


Jim Trainor CA, CPA