The Cost of Running a Successful Real Estate Business….

Here is a partial list of fees and costs that many young and/or aspiring real estate salespeople may not realize is associated with running a successful real estate business (courtesy of Heath Applebaum, REM, May 2015 issue) –

* CREA fees and dues

* Monthly provincial real estate board dues and fees

* Listing fees

* Staging costs

* Office rents – for those not working from home

* Staff – administration to write up, track and submit offers

* Cell phone / Internet expenses

* Computer equipment

* Car, fuel, insurance and maintenance

* Contact management software

* Website development and maintenance costs

* Property signage costs

* Photography and videography costs

* Direct mail and other printing costs

* PR and social media promotion

* Insurance

* Business attire

* Desk and transaction fees

* Administration costs

* Taxes

* Other/misc

Happy Selling!

Joe Johnston