Building Your Brand

Though the term “branding” is often used interchangeably with “marketing” and “advertising”, it means something else: your brand is not the marketing you do, but rather the image you want to project and the promise you make. Marketing and advertising are what follow in order to raise awareness of that promise. And in the era of social media and marketing tactics galore, it’s not difficult to lose sight of that core.

That’s where we come to the three R’s of real estate marketing: repetition, referral and retention.

The more interaction you have with your clients, the more opportunity you’ll have to build brand loyalty. Since you don’t see your clients as often as you would if you were offering a more frequently required service, you need to open the gates of communication as wide as possible. Engaging in social media, keeping in contact through tangible marketing materials such as newsletters, and attending community events are all ways of essentially repeating your brand promise. Keep your approach personable and your marketing customizable to your branding.

The real estate business is focused on relationships, so don’t be shy to ask for referrals.  Attract prospects through the relationships you build, provide your contact information to as many people as you can (whether by virtue of meet and greets or sending out monthly marketing pieces) and ensure that the quality of your service remains constant.

With that being said, there is no quick fix to building loyalty, and credibility takes time. Your services are not a fad – you’ll want to build familiarity and refrain from chasing business that can compromise the loyalty you’ve already established. By keeping your lines of communication open and sending out targeted marketing material you’ll be able to retain your relationships – and your branding!

Compliments of Vivian Giraldi & the team at Market Connections


That’s where Market Connections can help! Many Agent’s Equity customers tell us how our wonderful friends at Market Connections have helped them grow their business with new listings and referrals.

With over two decades of real estate marketing experience, they’re a one-stop shop that can provide you with solutions to all your marketing needs. From customized greeting cards and calendars, to personalized newsletters (or eNewsletters for the technology-savvy agents), keep top-of-mind with your past and current clients and prospects! Tangible marketing is a great way to reiterate your services and showcase you as the neighbourhood expert.

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