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Fast Turnaround Time

For initial requests, we are usually able to provide working capital within 24 hours. Repeat transactions will normally be accommodated within 1 or 2 hours.

Superior Service Standards

In conjunction with our service delivery in the past and to date, Agent's Equity strictly adheres to a Code of Conduct focused on exceptional customer service.

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Minimal Requirements

Your time is valuable so we pride ourselves in limiting the amount paperwork to what's necessary and required.

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No Credit Check Required

With Agent's Equity, we don't require a credit check.

Get your commission advance in as little as 30 minutes.

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Attention: Brokerage Owners

* Agent’s Equity Offers Broker/Owners A Better Proposition For Using Their Surplus Capital * Which would be of more value to you? a) Revenue from recruiting a new agent?   OR    b) Revenue from providing a commission advance to an agent? Now imagine – a) Revenue from gained by recruiting 5 new agents   […]

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Payday Loan or Commission Advance? Is There A Difference? YES! YES! YES!     PAYDAY LOAN   COMMISSION ADVANCE (not a loan)   Borrowing money and incurring unsecured debt   Sale of an asset – not borrowing   Huge interest cost: $1000 for 2 months can cost $500+   Less than $80 for the same […]

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The Cost of Running a Successful Real Estate Business….

Here is a partial list of fees and costs that many young and/or aspiring real estate salespeople may not realize is associated with running a successful real estate business (courtesy of Heath Applebaum, REM, May 2015 issue) – * CREA fees and dues * Monthly provincial real estate board dues and fees * Listing fees […]

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