Real Advantages for Real Estate Agents

With a commission advance from Agent's Equity you can focus on what you do best, and rest easy knowing that your finances are in order.

30 minute approvals.

Our underwriting department will have an approved contract for you to sign within 30 minutes of us receiving the necessary forms and documents.

Get your money quickly.

Your advance is delivered a no-charge to you by Electronic Bank Transfer or an Overnight Couriered Cheque. Whichever you decide, it's all included in our costs, ensuring you get your hard earned money quickly!

Tax Deductible.

Since our fees can be viewed as a cost of doing business, it is generally a tax deductible expense.

Exceptional Customer Service.

We're committed to being a valuable and helpful resource to your business. Our staff is always here to help.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Create your own contract online at your leisure. If you have a firm sale, sign into our website, create your contract, fax in the signed Commission Sale Agreement, then just wait for the money to hit your bank account!

Secure & safe.

Your information is kept completely confidential in our secure systems and processes.

Get your commission advance in as little as 30 minutes.

Register now and get back to doing what makes you money - selling homes.

Or, give us a call and speak directly with our helpful staff:

Attention: Brokerage Owners

* Agent’s Equity Offers Broker/Owners A Better Proposition For Using Their Surplus Capital * Which would be of more value to you? a) Revenue from recruiting a new agent?   OR    b) Revenue from providing a commission advance to an agent? Now imagine – a) Revenue from gained by recruiting 5 new agents   […]

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Payday Loan or Commission Advance? Is There A Difference? YES! YES! YES!     PAYDAY LOAN   COMMISSION ADVANCE (not a loan)   Borrowing money and incurring unsecured debt   Sale of an asset – not borrowing   Huge interest cost: $1000 for 2 months can cost $500+   Less than $80 for the same […]

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The Cost of Running a Successful Real Estate Business….

Here is a partial list of fees and costs that many young and/or aspiring real estate salespeople may not realize is associated with running a successful real estate business (courtesy of Heath Applebaum, REM, May 2015 issue) – * CREA fees and dues * Monthly provincial real estate board dues and fees * Listing fees […]

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